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The POA has been requested by Baldwin County to advise all homeowners NOT to place piles of lawn debris on the storm sewer caps in our neighborhood.  The caps can be significantly damaged when collection is made and repair is extremely expensive.  Please remember to place your lawn & other debris on the curb area of your home and to contact Baldwin County for pickup of all debris in a timely manner.
Bay Branch Estates POA Board of Directors

The Board voted to accept Jeff Spivey as new POA Board President to complete the remaining unfinished term left open by the departure of Mrs. Jones. The protocol for filling any vacancy with an eligible property owner, for the remainder of an unexpired term, is by majority Board vote. Please check "The Association" page of this website for a full review of Directors and Committee Chairpersons responsible for the functions of the Bay Branch Estates POA Board.
Bay Branch Estates POA Board of Directors

Because we are a POA covenanted community, the County has requested that homeowners route any concerns regarding our neighborhood roads, traffic, speed, etc., through the POA Board.  We will, as always, make certain that we quickly bring any such issues to the County.  This will allow our County to provide any necessary support for the benefit of our entire community.
Bay Branch Estates POA Board of Directors

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Click here for Loxley Police Jurisdiction Map

Mailboxes and Mailbox Posts - A standard, black mailbox is available at local area hardware stores including both Home Depot and Lowes.
A mailbox post can be found at
Vandalet Mailbox Co.
6551 Hayfield Rd.
Mobile, AL 36582
Tel: (251) 653-9727
Fax: (251) 653-9741

Click here for general guidelines for construction or purchase of decks, storage sheds, etc. 

Mailboxes and Mailbox Posts - A standard, black mailbox is available at local area hardware stores including both Home Depot and Lowes.

Violations Policy


1st notice Friendly Reminder - 2 Weeks - Next Notice will carry a $50 Fine if Not Corrected.

2nd Notice Reminder 2 Weeks - Next Reminder $250 Fine if Not Corrected.

3rd Notice Reminder 2 Weeks - Next Reminder $500 Fine if Not Corrected.

4th Notice Reminder 2 Weeks - $500 Fine Due and a Lien Placed on Property.

$75 Monthly Thereafter Until Homeowner Complies with Requirement.

Debris Pickup - Do you have yard debris or other large trash items requiring special pickup? If so .... Just call the switchboard at the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse @ 928-0860.  The switchboard call-taker will take your information and you will receive a call-back to verify the date of pick-up. 

Association Dues - Invoices are issued just prior to the 1st quarter (January) and the 3rd quarter (July) and are due before the end of the 1st month of each quarter. Your dues must be post marked by the due date shown on your invoice. Billing Cycle will be changing, starting in January 2008, homeowners will be billed twice a year.

Please be respectful of your neighbor and clean up after your dog. Animals must be on a leash when walking in neighborhood. Animal Control will be called to control loose animals.

New Homeowners - Please make an effort to contact Welcome Committee Chairman or Treasurer to establish a current account for your address.

Did you receive a violation notice? - All homeowners need to comply with the request, and correct the problem within the time stated or a fine will be assessed.

Architectural Reminders - If you are doing any major renovations or changes to the outside or your house or in your yard, you are required to submit your plans in writing for approval by the board.

Trees are being taken down in an indiscriminate manner and the Board requests that, prior to any tree removal, the homeowner notify the Board in a timely manner so that they may review the situation on a case by case basis.  This will help to avoid diminishing the aesthetic value of the community.



Garbage cans cannot be visible from the street and should not be put out for collection more than 24 hours in advance of pick-up.

Edging of the sidewalks.

Boats, trailers, etc., sitting in driveway or visible from street need to be behind fence.

Yards well kept. Replenish Pine Straw or Mulch.

Mailbox in good condition with visible, legible numbers. Over 50% of the mailboxes are rusting and need to be painted.



2007 Bay Branch Estates POA