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Yard of The Month Nominations




Bay Branch neighbors,

We are forming a committee of volunteers to help is create a request for proposal for the landscaping maintenance of our common areas.  The scope of work is more than our current contract because some of the areas we are legally obligated to maintain have never been maintained in the past and not part of the scope of work.  This maintenance cost is a huge portion of our budget.  To maintain our property values it’s critical that we properly care for our common areas. 

The representatives will help set the scope of work to be done.  Once completed, we will host a meeting with all interested vendors to show them each area and explain our expectations.  They will be given a bid deadline.  Once the bids are in the committee will review them and make recommendations to the board. 

If you are interested in being part of this committee please contact Julie Bland, Beautification Chair.

Call for Volunteers

Bay Branch neighbors, will you help me make our beautiful neighborhood even better?

Our plan is to spruce up the common areas a few times each month. Our front entrance is the first impression of our community, so it’s important for it to look its best. Our first challenge will be to do some weeding and light pruning up there Sunday April 15th and Sunday, April 22nd from 2-4.

Volunteering is a fun way to meet our neighbors and give back to the community. If you can join us let me know.

Julie Bland – Beautification Chairperson

Annual/Voting meeting date change - PLEASE REVIEW

Meeting has been re-scheduled for Feb 1st 2018 @ Spanish Trail Baptist starting at 7pm.



Congratulations to the winners of the 2017
Bay Branch Holiday Decorations Contest: Christmas Lighting Awards

Nominations are now CLOSED (2018-2020 term)

The nomination period for the 2018-2020 BBE POA Board of Directors elections closed at midnight on November 21st.  Thanks so much to all who participated in this process!  The next step will be the voting process.  Voting ballots will be mailed to property owners in the next several weeks.  You will have the option of mailing your ballot or bringing it to the Voting Meeting scheduled for January 16th.  More information regarding the meeting (time/location) will be provided with the ballot, along with information regarding each nominee.  Ballots will not be opened until the Voting Meeting.

Nominations are now open (2018-2020 term)

Nominations are now open for the 2018-2020 term for all POA Board of Director positions, including:
                    President                  |          At Large/Website
                    Vice President          |          Architectural Committee Chair
                    Secretary                   |          Beautification Chair
                    Treasurer                  |          Welcome Committee Chair

To make a nomination, or to be nominated for a position, you must be:
A current Bay Branch Estates property owner;
In good standing with the POA (e.g., must be current on all payments due to the POA - including dues, fees, fines, special assessment and so forth; and, have no outstanding POA property liens).

If you meet these requirements, you may nominate yourself or any other property owner who meets these requirements, for any POA Director position. Note that you may nominate yourself or any other owner for only one Board position. If you nominate another owner, remember that any person nominated by another must accept the nomination by sending an email to elections@bbepoa.com by midnight of the closing date for nominations, November 21, 2017. Remember that as a property owner in good standing you may nominate Board Director candidates, however, you must be a property owner in good standing and also reside in Bay Branch Estates in order to be eligible to hold a Board position. Questions may be sent to elections@bbepoa.com and will be answered as time permits. Nominations may be made through November 21, 2017 via the form found on the following link: www.bbepoa.com/boardnom



Phase two of the ditch cleanup project has been completed.


Thank you Coastal Connections!




You can now pay your BBEPOA statements online.

Please visit www.SmartStreet.com and click under “Online Payments for Homeowners - Make Payment”.

**There is a $14.95 charge to use a credit card, but there is no charge to use a checking account.

When setting up your account please make sure to enter “Bay Branch Estates” and then click “Find” when prompted for the Association.

You have to enter your lot number when asked for your “Homeowner Account Number”. This can be found on the statement that was recently sent out.

If you have any questions about the online payments please contact: The Property Shop - management@propertyshopre.com - 251.210.1818.

Thank You,



Front entrance tree trimming - please read

Please be aware that there will be tree trimming on the front entrance this Monday June 19th starting at 8:15am. 

The trimming process will close half of the entrance/exit at a time.  There will be flagmen stations that will direct traffic.   Depending on weather, the contractor expects to be complete Monday or Tuesday.  

Please expect delays getting in and out of the subdivision. Your patience is appreciated.


POA BOARD facebook PAge

 To keep up with all BBE POA activity please remember to join our facebook page:




POA Board meeting

POA board will be meeting on Feb 7th.  If you have any concerns for the board to be address, please email president@bbepoa.com and they will be discussed.

Thank you,

BBE POA Board members


ANNUAL BBE meeting

Our annual BBE Meeting will be held at Spanish Trail Baptist starting at 7pm on Thursday January 19th.

1. Should anyone wish to bring up any topics, please email president@bbepoa.com with your ideas/suggestions/ect in order to add to the agenda

2. In consideration of everyone's time, this year we will pre post our agenda and reports @ our website for your review 7 days prior to our meeting date. Hopefully, this will allow for a faster meeting. The same agenda and reports will be passed out as you come to our meeting.

Reminder, the meeting is for all POA members and any voting will be pursuant to C&Rs. Refreshments (water/cookies) will be offered at the meeting. This is a non election year.

Hope to see you there.

BBE POA Board members 

PAYING DUES at meeting

Members are welcome to pay their dues @ our meeting on the 19th. For tracking purposes please use a check as your method of payment but cash is accepted but due to risk is not encouraged.


Architectural Review Committee Recruiting

Attention POA members,


The BBEPOA is forming an Architectural Review Committee. We are looking for 3-5 people willing to donate a small amount of time to review architectural requests that fall outside of the typical fence and tree removal requests. Duties will include but are not limited to: home addition reviews, interpreting by-laws and C&R's, inspection during construction, review of building plans for compliance and periodic committee reviews. We are especially interested in POA members with A&E and construction contractor backgrounds.


Please send inquires to info@BBEPOA.com


Thank you,

John Anderson

BBEPOA Architectural Committee Chair



Welcome 2017 and REminders

The BBE Board hopes you all have had a great Christmas and Good holiday. We appreciate everyone'sdecorations! The community looked great! 


We just want to remind you of a few things:

1.  Our annual meeting is coming up on January 19th! Details to follow.

2.  Dues have not increased since our beginning as a POA in 2002!

     Semi annual dues invoices were mailed on December 14th and payable by January 31st.

     Our goal this year is to have all collections made by the 31st so, please remind your community friends and neighbors. It creates a lot of hardship on all of us if we are late paying.

3.  We are still in search of a secretary for your POA

4.  We have a board meeting on the 10th.  Should anyone wish for an item to be addressed, please email president@bbepoa.com.  

5.  Remind all to please visit our website, www.BBEPOA.com for minutes of meetings and other official actions.


Thanks to all!

BBE POA Board members



Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Bay Branch Holiday Decorations Contest: Christmas Lighting Awards


Annual Bay Branch Estates General Meeting

Our annual General Meeting of Bay Branch Estates will tentatively take place January 19th, 2017, a Thursday. More details will follow soon, as to location and time. A few changes this year!


      1. Should anyone wish to bring up any topics, please email president@bbepoa.com with your ideas/suggestions/ect in order to add to the agenda

     2. In consideration of everyone's time, this year we will pre post our agenda and reports @ our website for your review 7 days prior to our meeting date.  Hopefully, this will allow for a faster meeting.  The same agenda and reports will be passed out as you come to our meeting.


Please stay tuned to our website, bbepoa.com for further details.  Reminder, the meeting is for all POA members and any voting will be pursuant to C&Rs.

Refreshments (water/cookies) will be offered at the meeting.  This is a non election year.


Please save the date and plan to attend.


Annual Bay Branch Estates POA Holiday Decorations Contest

The Annual Bay Branch Estates POA Holiday Decorations period is now underway.  There will be awards in the categories of Best Decorated Yard and Best Decorated Door.  A total of four awards will be made.  Awards will be make between December 19th and 20th.  All property owners in good standing are eligible for the contest. Good luck and good decorating.




The POA Board wishes to welcome Kim Barnes as our new Welcoming Committee Chairman and Rich Nagel as our new Member At Large/Webmaster. Lawrence Wilson moved from Webmaster and accepted the position as Vice President. Thanks to everyone for volunteering their time to assist the Board and our neighbors.



Please be sure to Nominate You or Your Neighbors for Yard of The Month by clicking HERE between the 6th and the 22nd of each month.



We have had the County Highway Department working on roads and infrastructure. The County has repaired a section of sidewalk, fixed leaking storm sewer pipe, fixed stromsewer inlets and patched potholes in the last couple of months. Please call or email your County Commissioner Chris Elliot at ctelliott@baldwincountyal.gov or 251.990.4606 Ext. 2306, as well as our County Engineer Mr. Cal Markert and thank them for their time response to our repair requests.

Click here for more News.....



Click here for Loxley Police Jurisdiction Map. Areas not shown on the map are covered by the Baldwin County Sheriff's jurisdiction. For emergencies dial 911 and your call will be routed appropriately.

Mailboxes and Mailbox Posts - The mailboxes are to be kept in good condition with visible reflective numbers. A standard, black mailbox is available at local area hardware stores including both Home Depot and Lowes. A mailbox post can be found at:

Vandalet Mailbox Co.
6551 Hayfield Rd.
Mobile, AL 36582
Tel: (251) 653-9727
Fax: (251) 653-9741

Did you receive a violation notice? - All homeowners need to comply with the request, and correct the problem within the time stated or a fine will be assessed.

Violations Policy


1st Notice – Friendly Reminder - 2 Weeks to correct.

2nd Notice -  $50 Fine - 2 Weeks to correct.

3rd Notice -  $250 Fine - 2 Weeks to correct.

4th Notice -  $500 Fine - 2 weeks to correct or a Lien will be placed on property.

$75 Monthly Thereafter Until Homeowner Complies with Requirement.

Debris Pickup - Do you have yard debris or other large trash items requiring special pickup? If so .... Just call the switchboard at the Fairhope Satellite Courthouse @ 928-0860.  The switchboard call-taker will take your information and you will receive a call-back to verify the date of pick-up. 

Association Dues - Invoices are issued for semi-annual dues payments on January 1st and July 1st.  Payment of dues by the date shown on your invoice will help you to avoid a late fee of $45.  Remember that unpaid balances may be assessed an additional penalty until your balance is paid in full.

Please be respectful of your neighbor and clean up after your dog. Animals must be on a leash when walking in neighborhood. These are also C & R requirements. Animal Control will be called to control loose animals.

New Homeowners - Please make an effort to contact Welcome Committee Chairman or Treasurer to establish a current account for your address.

Architectural Reminders - If you are planning any major renovations or changes to the outside or your house or in your yard, you are required to submit your plans in writing for approval by the Board. Changes may include but are not limited to new fence, shed, pool, paint, roofing, patio, driveway expansion, home addition, or any other permanent or semi-permanent structure including such items as play-sets, basketball hoops, etc. 

Trees are being taken down in an indiscriminate manner. Please notify the Board in a timely manner so that they can review the situation before removal is scheduled.  This will help to avoid diminishing the aesthetic value of the community.



Garbage cans cannot be visible from the street then should not be put out for collection more than 24 hours in advance of pick-up and should be taken in no more than 24 hours after trash pickup.

Boats, trailers, clutter, etc., stored on driveway need to be behind fence, stored in garage or otherwise not visible to the street.

Yards are to be watered, weeded, mowed and edged, with bushes and trees pruned, in a routine manner. Edging includes all lawn areas including curb. Debris is to be disposed of properly and not left on sidewalk or street.

Vehicles must be parked fully on driveway or in garage. They may not be placed overnight or for long periods of time on the street.


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